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A Quick and Inexpensive Fix For a Common Transmission Problem

Posted by Rita@ Bushing on 15th May 2020

No budget for a new transmission? Or scared of a big-ticket transmission repair? Excellent news for you! Read on to know a quick and inexpensive repair that saves you money and downtime.

“Oh no,” These are the words that drivers often utter when anything goes wrong with their vehicle. The first thought that comes to their mind is — how much is this going to cost me. And, the second is — for how long will I be without my vehicle.

Well, there are always fast and economical fixes for almost every common vehicle failure. Got a flat tire? There is a quick patch kit or simply put on the spare tire. Squealing wipers? You have got a quick fix for that too.

But your situation is entirely different and possibly much more expensive to repair than other common vehicle issues — your vehicle, be it a car, SUV, or truck, literally will not move. You may have just driven it in the morning, and a few hours later, you put it into gear only to find out that it simply won’t move. Does it need a new transmission? Often, the answer is simple and straight — No. Because your vehicle has an automatic transmission shift cable with it’s one end connecting externally to the transmission and the other end connecting internally to the base shifter. Most vehicles have bushing on either one or both sides of this shift cable. Over time, those bushings may get damaged, worn, and rotted, and then they may just snap. As a result, your vehicle may fail to move and make you think of a transmission issue.

The good news is that there is a quick fix for damaged shift cable bushings too. And that is our shift cable bushing repair kit that lets you easily replace your bushings and get you back on the road. Our kit is affordable and comes under $30 with a complete installation video that you can watch on your smartphones. Besides, our kits are designed to fit 90% of the vehicle with an automatic transmission; and we have also expanded our offerings to include a growing assortment of transmission shift cable bushings for the manual transmission.

So, no more expensive transmission repair or replacement. Just take a deep breath and simply replace the shift cable bushings to bring life back to your transmission. Simple, Easy, and Cost-Effective!