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1.  Remove the shift selector rod or tension rod from the car by applying a downward force.


2.  Remove all of the old bushing material (black rubber) from the cable end. You can use a scraper or wire brush to get it all off. Some people have used a torch (only on metal cable ends!) with some success. 

3.  Identify the rounded side and the flat side of the cable end.

Fiat Manual Transmission cable repair kitFiat Manual Transmission linkage repair kit


4.  Place the ridged side of the cable end on the installation cup, place the bushing on the cable end with the notched side down, and place the protective disc on top. Once all of the components are aligned properly, squeeze them all together. We recommend using a vise, but you may also be able to use a deadblow hammer or your body weight.


5.  Inspect the ball that the rod end connects to. Remove any rust or dirt from the ball so it’s clean and free of debris. Apply a small amount of the included grease to the ball. 


6. Reconnect the shift rod to the transmission lever. Be sure to check the shift lever movement.