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he WJ1Kit™ fits the transfer case (4X4) shift cable. The part will fit both ends of your cable. 
*Some of the images were taken off-vehicle for illustration purposes.

Repairs Shift Cable Ends Similar to Below:


Step 1: Place the vehicle in park, set the parking brake and block the wheels.

Step 2:  Remove all of the old bushing

The cable end without a bushing will like like the one below.


Step 3:  Replacement Bushing Installation (Metal Cable End and Plastic Cable End)

I.  Metal Cable Ends:

  • a)  Unthread the metal cable end from the cable as shown below.  This will allow you to install the replacement bushing on a work bench free from the vehicle.


  • b) Place the new bushing tapered end up on a flat work surface.  Push the metal cable end down onto the bushing until the bushing is seated on the interior ridge of the cable end.

    bushing-into-pin-end-image-3.jpg bushing-into-pin-end-image-4.jpg
    bushing-into-pin-end-image-6.jpg installed.jpg

II.  Plastic Cable Ends:

  • a) Plastic cable ends are not removable and the bushing will need to be replaced in the field.


  • b) Place the tapered end of the bushing into the cable end.  Place your thumb over the bushing and using a small pocket screw driver push the bushing into the cable end as show below.
    bushing-into-trans-end-image-2.jpg bushing-into-trans-end-image-3.jpg bushing-into-trans-end-image-9.jpg bushing-into-trans-end-image-8.jpg

Step 4:  Installing Repaired Cable End onto Shift Lever

I.  Press the repaired cable-end onto the shift lever pin.  The pin should go through the large side of the bushing first.

image-2.jpg bushing-into-pin-end-image-8.jpg bushing-into-pin-end-image-9-installed.jpg

II.  Check the shift lever function by shifting several times through the full selector range.

III.  Don’t forget to release the parking brake and remove the wheel blocks.