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Stop Changing Cables—Use Shift Cable Bushing Repair Kits Instead

13th Oct 2020

Time – such a valued asset! Imagine - you are running late for a meeting; feeling the stress already; you get inside of your vehicle; Start it; and put it into gear ready to drive away ONLY to immediately realize that your car isn’t in gear and won’t move! The shift lever moves without resistance but your car refuses to move even an inch. This can be really frustrating! Now the stress is really climbing – “Is it my engine?” No. “Oh no it must be my transmission! How much is that going to cost me?” Very likely, it’s simply a failed part within your shift cable. A simple bushing that up to recently wasn’t available for this problem.


Whenever you are in such a situation, use a shift cable bushing repair kit instead. It won’t only help you get back on road quickly (adding to that valuable asset of more time) but will save you a significant amount of money.

The fact is, most of us, no matter which car we have, have experienced the broken shift cable bushing problem at some point in time. Until our products the only repair available was to replace the entire cable. Not only would it take 2-4 hours of professional technician’s billable hours, but also the cable is expensive. Depending on the make and model of vehicle being repaired your total bill would average $250- or more! Well, not anymore! You can now use a™ good quality, patented shift cable bushing repair kit and fix the issue—without any special tools or professional help! Instructions are so simple that YES a non-technical person can install and™ also provides an easy to follow installation video per each of the kits. On average this repair takes only 15 minutes!™ are custom molded for a better fit and increased durability! Outlasting most factory supplied bushings. As well –™ bushings come with a Lifetime Warranty! So, save time! Save money! And you can do it for yourself!