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Let's Talk: What is a Shift Cable? And what other names is it called?

Let's Talk: What is a Shift Cable? And what other names is it called?

Posted by Rita @ on 5th Apr 2018


Let's Talk - What is a A Shift Cable and its other names?

Hello DIY folks, mechanics, shop owners, and parts managers! We will be blogging twice weekly on Thursdays and Mondays and want to hear from you - so please stay tuned as we simply talk.

Here are several names we have heard the Shift Cable called (all are in use): 

  1. Shifter cable
  2. Automatic Transmission Cable 
  3. Shift Cable Selector
  4. Transmission Cable Selector
  5. Trans Cable
  6. Auto Trans Cable
  7. Gear shift Cable
  8. Selector Cable
  9. Control Cable
  10. Transaxle Cable
  11. Shift Linkage (technically it isn't though-So we can cover that soon!)
  12. Transmission Linkage Cable
  13. Automatic Transmission shift cable 

This is an Automatic Transmission shift cable from a Saab.....with a close up of the ends! So what does it do? What is the purpose of this cable?


A transmission shift cable (also called a shifter cable or any of the names listed above and even others that we may not have yet heard), is the link between the shifter handle and the transmission in a vehicle. Its position changes as a driver moves the shifter handle the vehicle choosing the gear setting of a vehicle. Gear setting for example: D for Drive; R for Reverse and so forth! 

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