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 1.  Remove all of the old rubber bushing from the transmission linkage, leaving only the brass bushing.


2.  Install the new black rubber bushing (shown in red in Fig. A) around the existing brass bushing (shown in yellow in Fig. A) so that the new bushing can be pushed through the large hole in the linkage.



3.  Push the black rubber bushing into place using either a pick or similar tool.  See the picture below:



4.  On the opposite side of the shift lever, install the metal washer (shown in blue in Fig. B) with the shoulder facing the brass bushing (shown in yellow in Fig. B).



5.  Slide the brass bushing (shown in yellow) to engage the washer (shown in blue) and make room for the clip to be installed.


6.  Install the clip (clip is the purple piece shown in Fig. C). The clip may appear different than shown in the illustration.



7.  The installation is complete.  Check the installation. The two pieces of the lever should pivot freely. Once the transmission rod is reattached to the lever, shift the car back and forth between P and 1 several times to check the installation.