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Let's Talk: Saab - Love Yours Like it's Brand New Again!

Posted by Rita@ Bushing on 16th Apr 2018 Bushing Cable repair kit Replacement bushing Blog

Let's Talk - Saab - love your Saab again! The Fix is here!

Hello DIY folks, mechanics, shop owners, and parts managers! We will be blogging twice weekly on Thursdays and Mondays and want to hear from you - so please stay tuned as we simply talk about vehicles, parts, and this week we are speaking out to Saab owners everywhere!

A reminder of last Thursday's Blog: "How do you know if the if the shift cable has failed?" You are on the GO - getting ready to pull out of a parking lot or driveway and upon putting the car in reverse, nothing happens. NOTHING! The shift lever moves without resistance but the car doesn't go into gear. Experienced mechanics refer to this as a common known failure. Meaning it's a common problem and just like democracy it affects Imports as well as American brands; and affects all models - cars, trucks, as well as SUVS.We offered the video and the repair necessary to make it easy, fast, affordable, and customer friendly!

This week we are reaching out to manual transmission Saab 9-5 owners! Saab owners are enthusiasts and love the difference of owning a Saab! Why - you may ask? Maybe, it's because Saab liked to be innovative and to do things differently. Definitely a company that compared to other brands might be considered the "HIPSTER" of the automotive industry. Full of trendy features; crazy about safety; and full of fun quirks and gadgets! Kind of reminds me of Apple! However, the Saab 9-5 manual transmission owner/driver loves the feel, the acceleration, the sleek acceleration of the transmission.  So a happy Saab driver is a happy life! Hear it from Chris in Oklahoma - a Facebook Fan that found the Fix right on our Facebook Page!

Chris in Oklahoma sharing the great results!:

Saab 9-5 Manual Transmission - The ELUSIVE fix is here!

Saab 9-5 Manual Transmission Shift Cable Repair The Fix is Here LIFETIME WARRANTY Easy installation with Video Saab Owners

Until next time!

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