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The BP1Kit™ fits at the shifter end of your vehicle's transmission shift cable.  This end will be located inside the car either under the steering column or under the center console at the base of the gear shifter.  This is ONLY for automatic transmissions.  If you need a bushing to fit at the end of the cable nearest to the transmission (under the car or under the hood) please consult our Make/ Model Guide.

*Some of the images were taken off-vehicle for illustration purposes.

1. The BP1KIT™ fits several different cable ends depending upon year, make and model.  The installation is the same regardless of cable end.  The picture below illustrates some of the various cable ends that the kit will fit.

BP1Kit shift cable ends

2.  Set the parking brake or block the wheels. For most vehicles, place the transmission lever in park (on some vehicles, such as the Matrix and Vibe, it's impossible to replace the bushing in Park. Use Neutral instead). You can verify its position by checking the PRNDL indicator inside the vehicle. Next, access the shift cable end. You'll probably need to remove the center console trim or knee bolster, depending on your vehicle.  In column shift vehicles the cable end will be located inside the steering column.

3. If there are any remains of the old bushing, remove them from the cable end with a pick or small screwdriver.

4. Place the new bushing against the cable opening with the notched side aligned with the cable opening.  Place the installer against the new bushing.


5. Install the bushing into the shift cable end by pushing the bushing into the cable end so that the notched end will be on the side closest to the shift lever.  You should be able to use your fingers for the installation. After installation, you can discard the installation driver.



6.  Use the grease packet included in your kit to apply a small amount of grease to the shift lever pin.


7. After the shift lever pin has been greased, reinstall the cable end onto the shift lever pin (with the notched side going on first, lever). Be sure there are no pieces of the old bushing on the shift lever.


8. Before starting the vehicle, test the installation by moving the shift lever from Park to first gear and back several times.

9. Don't forget to remove the wheel blocks and disengage the parking brake.