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The FA1Kit™ fits at the transmission end of your vehicle's shift linkage.  This is ONLY for automatic transmissions.

*Some of the images were taken off-vehicle for illustration purposes.

The FA1Kit™ has two applications.  Firstly, the FA1Kit™ can be used to connect your shift linkage rod to your shift lever as seen below.

examples.jpg steering-column-atp-automotive-fo-405-2020711113013357.jpg

Secondly, the FA1Kit™ can be used to connect your shift lever pin to the shift lever which is located underneath the transmission shift cable as seen below.

dscn0897.jpg selector-cable-connection-iii.jpg cable-end-metal-slider.jpg fa1kit-on-pin-side-view.jpg


  1. Place the shift lever and transmission lever in Park. Remove all of the old bushing from the transmission lever and pin.

  2. Insert the driver into the larger side of the bushing.

    1fa1-installation-tool-to-bushing.jpg   2fa1-installation-tool-into-bushing-1.jpg

  3. Use the driver to press the bushing into the transmission lever.  Then discard the installation driver. 

    3fa1-installation-tool-and-bushing-into-ring.jpg 4fa1-bushing-installed-into-ring-fully.jpg 5fa1-bushing-installed-now-remove-blue-tool.jpg

  4.  Now press the pin into the bushing.

    6fa1-is-now-ready-to-attach-metal-into-bushing.jpg 7fa1-metal-pin-into-new-bushing.jpg 8fa1-metal-pin-fully-installed-into-bushing.jpg 9fa1-metall-pin-fully-installed-into-bushing-2.jpg

  5. Shift the vehicle between Park and L several times to ensure installation.