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Let's Talk: How do you know if the shift cable has failed?

Posted by Rita@ Bushing on 12th Apr 2018 Bushing Cable repair kit Replacement bushing Blog

Let's Talk - How do you know if the shift cable has failed?

Hello DIY folks, mechanics, shop owners, and parts managers! We will be blogging twice weekly on Thursdays and Mondays and want to hear from you - so please stay tuned as we simply talk about vehicles, parts, and those of us who love our transportation.

It's that time: Warm weather, the season to drive,  - go - go - go, and to "make hay while the sun shines!"

A reminder of most recent Monday: We discussed the popular Chevy Trailblazer; included our video, as well as part#s, and pictures to make repair as easy as possible! Using our durable bushing that comes with Lifetime Warranty! A Simple 2 BUSHING repair instead of replacing entire cable. (NOTE:) There are two ends to this Shift Cable - and the TB1Kit which repairs the shift cable end nearest the transmission of the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Also, we showed the UP1KIT which repairs the shift cable end nearer the gear shifter.  GM part 15785087, Dorman 14057, Dorman 14055, and Teckpak T744981

So let's talk:  You are on the GO - getting ready to pull out of a parking lot or driveway and upon putting the car in reverse, nothing happens. NOTHING! The shift lever moves without resistance but the car doesn't go into gear.  Experienced mechanics refer to this as a common known failure.  Meaning it's a common problem and just like democracy it affects Imports as well as American brands; and affects all models - cars, trucks, as well as SUVS. 

It certainly is not as bad as an internal transmission failure but it's still expensive to replace the entire shift cable and not to mention the labor to install it, sometimes more than 2 hours!

With an inexpensive shift cable bushing repair kit, the fix is EASY!

**Replace just the bushing!
**Repair your shift cable better than a factory cable!
**Do it yourself, in your driveway, using only basic hand tools!

And most importantly, save money! The bushing kit includes the necessary parts to make installation easy for anyone and includes a new bushing made from material better than the cheap plastic that came from the factory. This will outlast your factory bushing, it comes with a warranty, and has been tested in several vehicles over several thousand miles.

When it's this easy to fix, why would you buy a shift cable ever again?

Until next time!

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