Jeep Liberty Shift Cable Bushing Options

Identify the cable end that closely resembles your vehicle's shifter cable.  Then CLICK on "ORDER ONLINE"

Model Year Fitment Shift Cable End Bushing Style  

2005 - 2012
(Fits transmission end of cable)

si1kit-shift-cable-pic-copy.jpg si2kit-small.jpg click-to-order-online-button.png
2005 - 2012
(Fits Gear Shifter end of cable)
grand-cherokee-interior-end.jpg ch1kit-copy.jpg click-to-order-online-button.png
2002 - 2007
(Fits transfer case)
  JL1Kit click-to-order-online-button.png
2008 - 2012
(Fits transfer case)
jeep-liberty-transfer.jpg hr1kit3.jpg click-to-order-online-button.png