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Gear shift loose? Check the transmission cable.

5th Nov 2015

Whether you’re off to the airport, an important meeting, or something else that you shouldn’t be late to, it always seems like you have some sort of breakdown at the worst time. Our cars, which can provide a great deal of convenience, sometimes leave us helpless. One of these failures is the shift control cable failure. Typically, this failure isn’t the entire cable, it’s just the bushing in the end of the cable. You’ll come across it when you get in your car, just like always, and when you try to move the shift lever to reverse. The lever will move easily - in fact too easily, but the transmission won’t go into reverse. The problem, fortunately, is easy to diagnose. Just open the hood or peek under the vehicle and you’ll be able to see that the transmission cable isn’t attached. If you take a closer look, you’ll probably see that the bushing, the piece that holds the cable onto the transmission lever, has deteriorated. Traditionally, this repair would involve replacing the entire transmission cable with the labor cost associated with it, which always involves removing some parts of the interior, and sometimes as much as the seats and carpet! Before the bushing repair kits (available at, it was quite an expensive repair. Now the repair is quick, inexpensive, and easy enough that just about anyone can do. The material is of a high quality that is designed to outlast the vehicle.

Over 90% of vehicles produced are covered including Chevy Trailblazer, Hummer H2, Ford F-150, and many more. If your vehicle isn’t listed, you can always give a call at 863-644-1216 to see if any new products are available.